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Monday, May 23, 2011

Imagination Monday

     Happy crazy Monday.  I like my crazy imagination; it can take me anywhere.  Like flying on a carpet, my imagination can take me away from my troubles and to places that are zany and fun. If you had a magic vehicle to take you away, what would it be?  Do you think this is how The Magic School Bus got its start?  Or how about the sideways elevator?  What would you travel in?  Where would you go?  Brainstorm a list of things around you to travel with.  Could it be as small as a paperclip you'd need to shrink to travel on, or perhaps a colorful hot air balloon.  Try writing you own poem and then try drawing a picture to go with it.


I'd like to travel to the moon
in a blue canoe.
I'd paddle on the milky way
that's just what I would do.
I'd mail you home a post card
to show you where I'd been.
I'll ask you to come paddling
when I come again.

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