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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May Pole


Everyday in the afternoon
at school
for two weeks
we practiced dance steps,
 grabbing of hands,
weaving bright ribbons
around a May Pole.

On the day of the spring performance
I wore a new buttercup sundress
my mother made.
It had straps tied
in bows on my shoulders.

Before I put on the dress
Mother showed me
how to shave under my arms.
My mother showed me
steps to becoming a woman.

Do girls and boys learn how to weave the May Pole at the schools in your town?

Sorry this is so late today, I spent the whole day at the hospital in the emergency room so they could tell us that my husband didn't have the flu, or a stroke, or heart attack.  What he does have is idiopathic vertigo--the Roy Williams disease.  That is really great news.

I have another good May poem for you tomorrow, come back soon.

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