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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Little Tommy Rocket

Read this poem out loud and see if any of the words just feel good in your mouth.  It certainly is a silly poem.

Little Tommy Rocket

kept his pet frog in his pocket.

One day when Tommy
dashed about
his little froggie
jumped right out.

The frog hopped down
Tommy's throat
causing him to sputter
and to choke.

When Peter Proudfoot came jogging by
he heard poor Tommy's croaking cry.
He grabbed young Tom by the chest
then pushed hard there to depress.
The Heimlich did what was best
and out flopped the frog. Flying !
Peter's move was death de-fying.

Tom grabbed the flying frog and said,
If it weren't for Peter I'd be dead.
And he told his froggie pet,
I wish that we had never met.
If I'd of known that you'd do that
I would have fed you to the cat.

Now Little Tommy Rocket
only keeps gum in his pocket.

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