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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Have a Super Sunday!

As a kid I always had trouble keeping my school papers organized and my desk neat.  Actually, I still do.


A troll lives in my desk.
He’s messing all about,
He’s stuck in there really good.
I just can’t get him out.
Determined to make him move,

I’m trying to do my best.

He stole my homework papers,

Chewed my last week’s spelling test.
He’s broken all my pencils,

Caused my markers all to leak.
He took my tuna sandwich,
He’s had it half a week.
That very strange aroma,
You have begun to smell,
The troll, he is making it.
I know this very well.
You tell me, “Clean your desk.”
I really should, I know.
But if I clean the whole thing out
He’ll have no place to go.

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