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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Counting Doves

One dove sitting
on a telephone wire,
along lands another,
says he's a great flyer.

Two doves sitting 
on the telephone line,
along lands another,
says he's doing fine.

Three doves sitting
on the telephone post,
along lands another,
says,  four is the most
number of birds
to sit on this post.

Along came a hawk,
off they all flew,
flying away
into the blue.

One flew east,
one flew west,
two flew south
and built a nest.

       This morning there was a quail sitting on my fence.  He had a grey chest, a white band and dark bottom.  It looked like he was wearing a winter sweater with a feather cap on his head. He had his feathers fluffed to capture the air and warm himself.  I wonder who first observed the birds doing this and figured out we could do the same thing with down quilts to keep warm.  Do you have a cold poem you want to write today?  Enjoy.

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  1. Joy,
    I like how two flew south to build a nest. Clever ending.