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Monday, January 16, 2012

Foods I HATE!

There are some foods
I do not like--
liver and onions
oysters and tripe.

The worst food
I ever ate,
make no mistake,
was my Aunt Bea's fruitcake.
I bit into it 
and got
a toothache.

     Can you write your own list poem of foods you do not like to eat?  Have fun.


  1. as the wife of a dentist, I can imagine that type of toothache!

  2. I once wrote a poem called Pirate Stew about yucky foods. Then it morphed and became a PB. Here's my hand at a poem of foods I don't like.

    Broccoli is green and good for me.
    But it makes me want to climb a tree.

    Beans are fibrous and great for the heart.
    But they make smell like a rotten, um... tart.

    Fishing is fun, but only when I hook 'em.
    But they smell like old socks, even when I cook 'em.

    As much as I want to, I cannot eat carrots.
    I shred them and feed them to my pet ferrots.

    Life is much better when gnoshing on cheese.
    Unless it is gouda - Don't make me. Please!

    It's almost supper. I heard mama callin'.
    but I smell polenta - I'd better keep stallin'!