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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


A family of quail
went for a walk today
chirp-cheep, chirp-cheep
they seemed to say.

"Come on children,
let's hurry away,"
scuttle, scuttle, run
across the street
and out of the way.
Chirp-cheep, chirp-cheep.

     I saw a covey of about 20 quail on my walk this morning--two adults, half a dozen adolecents,and the rest were small little chicks.  it was fun to watch them hurry away across the road.
    Lately I've been observing that the smaller the bird the prettier their song is.    Would you agree?  What is your favorite bird song?  Can you write a poem about birds?  Do you feed the birds?  Would that make a good title?  Have fun.

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