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Friday, July 27, 2012


Every morning on my walk
I check on the quail eggs
by my neighbor's mailbox
laid on the ground
in the sand
between the paddles
of the prickly pear.

Yesterday I saw
a small black lizard
race by the eggs.
I've never seen
the quail there.

It has been
over a week now,
or is it two
that I have counted
the eggs each morning.
today I counted ten.

I wish the hatching
would begin.
No that is probably not right,
once the eggs are laid,
the hatching starts.

I wish the pipping would begin,
that is when the chick
pecks through the shell
and climbs out of the egg.

Now, that will be an exciting day.
A day of new beginnings.

    It was fun thinking about the difference between hatching and pipping.  Here is a challenge, can you write a poem today about the meaning of a word?  You might want to use a dictionary and randomly find a page and a word.  Have fun and you are welcome to share your poem in the comments below.

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  1. Joy,

    I hope you get to see the quail break out of their shells. Wonder why the parents aren't nearby or maybe they are.