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Monday, July 16, 2012


Football player
Baseball batter
All wear helmets
to protect their heads.
I wonder if
they worry about
hat hair.

   Hats, there are a lot of different kinds.  Can you write a poem today about hats?
I have a friend whose husband was being knighted by the Queen of England.  For the ceremony
the woman had to wear a hat.  The hat had to be approved before the ceremony.  It could not be the same color as the Queen's.  So she ended up having to have two hats made.  Having a hat made, costs as mush or more than having a dress made (it was very expensive by my standards.)  I think British people wear hats more often than we Americans do.  But then, if one is being Knighted it only happens once in a life time and it is a very special occasion.


  1. love the sidebar... love you

  2. Joy,
    The ending to your poem made me laugh right out loud. Knighted by the queen. Wow!