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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dragonfly Tea Party

     This poem is for the extraordinary children's poet David Harrison, who had a dragonfly come visit him yesterday. (You can see a picture of the dragonfly by clicking your cursor over his name.)

     I wish I were a princess.
     I'd fly with fairy wings.
     I'd live within the garden
     to see what summer brings.

     I'd have a mushroom 
     for my table
     and a toadstool
     for my seat,
     and there I'd dine
     on lovely food
     with lots of tasty treats.
     When you come to visit
     we'll have lots of food to eat.
     We'll dine on little fairy cakes
     and other yummy sweets.
     We will drink the dew drops
      and snail shell cups of tea
      when you come into the garden
      for our dragonfly party.

        I'm having so much fun with the thought of being a Dragonfly Princess that
I want to get out my colored pencils to draw a picture to go with my poem.  Do you have a poem (one of your own or someone else's) you'd like to draw a picture for?  OK, so today let's try drawing instead of writing.  Have fun.  This fairy princess loves the color pink.  Happy Saturday.


  1. Thanks for the delightful tea party, Joy. Here's one of my dragonfly poems from BUGS. David

    David L. Harrison

    And Snapdragon
    Planned to wed.

    “No one thinks
    Our love affair
    Will last,” they said.

    “For a honeymoon,”
    Said Dragonfly,
    “Come fly with me.

    I will show you
    Wondrous sights
    Beyond the sea.”

    “You’re such a dear,”
    His true love said,
    “I can’t, my sweet.

    Alas, I have no wings
    And only roots for feet.”

    “Don’t cry,” he said,
    “I have a plan.
    We leave at noon!”

    And off they flew
    For their honeymoon
    In a red balloon.

  2. Thank you, Joy, for inviting me to your Dragonfly Tea Party.

    Your poem captured my imagination. I joined you in your imaginings and what a wonderful world we shared- decked in our fairy gowns, wings polished in iridescent finery, seated at our mushroom table on miniature toadstools, feasting on scones and tea and all manner of sweets- all the while listening to David recite his Dragonfly treat.
    A truly delicious way to spend the day!

    Thank you, Princess Joy.
    Thank you, David, for inspiring us with the magic of dragonflies, for joining us and for sharing your delightful poem.


  3. Thanks for letting me join you! I hope to see other guests arrive this weekend. It's perfect weather for a tea party.



    drink the tea FROM snail shells

    ILY/// still having fun

  5. Oh what a great party. Thank you for your poems, David and Cory.