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Saturday, September 1, 2012


What do pigeons do?
They billow
and they coo.

What do pigeons know
as they sit
in a row?

Not much,
I think that's fair
But pigeons can fly
in the air.

And when pigeons
want to rest
they billow and coo
on a nest.

Tucked in under
their pigeon legs,
they can hatch
pigeon eggs.

That is something
I can't do,
how about you?

     This poem is a companion poem to my poem FISH published in THE POETRY FRIDAY ANTHOLOGY.  In this poem I ask two questions.  What do pigeons do?  What do pigeons know?  I like asking questions in poems.  You can write your own poem that asks questions.  Make a list of animals.  Think about what the animal does, what it eats, where it lives and see if you can ask questions in your poem.

Let's see if I can do this too.


What do lions do
as they laze in the sun
at the zoo?.

They rest and sleep
and swat at flies.
They shake their manes
and roar loud cries.

What kinds of foods
do lions eat?
they're carnivores
so they eat meat.

Yup, it can be done.  So now it is your turn.  If you'd like, please leave your creations in the comments.  Have a happy Saturday and enjoy your animals.  If you'd rather write a poem about anything else, please do.

  If you'd like to know more about THE POETRY FRIDAY ANTHOLOGY, you can  here .

Or, you can read reviews and purchase the book from Amazon here.


  1. Joy,

    You can take a challenge and make it look "easy as pie." I admire you!

  2. Oh wow, the Poetry Friday Anthology book looks so luscious! Thank you for sharing this and your pigeon and lion poems too. :)

  3. Joy, I got my copy of the anthology and am loving it! Your poems are delightful, and I love the idea of asking then answering questions. Will give it a try!