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Saturday, September 8, 2012


1 worm
2 worms
3 worms
4, there's
lots of worms
maybe a score.
The robins are tugging
yanking up more.
What do you say?
It's Robin Feast Day

     I've been having fun today thinking about all the different kinds birds I know.  I'm sure someone has already written a bird abcdarius .   In my mind I started with albatross, then bluebird, bunting and barn owl, cardinal, Carolina wren.  There are just too many.  I tried to remember the first bird I learned about.  Probably a blue bird.  In the house I grew up in was a picture on the wall of a little girl with long curls looking at a bluebird nest.  And I remember seeing a robin tugging a worm on my walk to kindergarten.  Do you remember the first bird that you noticed ?  Did you learn about bluebirds from the song "Some Where Over the Rainbow" or robins from "When the Red, Red, Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin Along"?  How about "Yellow Bird"? 
    Your challenge for today is to write a poem about a bird. 

    I'm also thinking about what would happen if I wrote this poem all on one long loopy line like a worm.  Hum, wonder if I can do that and what it will look like.  I wonder if it would be too difficult to read that way.  Oh, I do love playing with poetry.  I hope you have fun too.

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  1. Joy,

    How about "Sing a Song of Sixpence?" A loopy poem sounds more fun than silly string. Go for it!

    Once,I found multiple colors of embroidery floss dropped on the ground. A poem that follows the pattern of a certain color yarn would be fun to trace--sort of like a maze.