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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dancing Frog

There was a frog
who wanted to dance.
He begged his mom
to have a chance
to take lessons
and learn the samba.
He also wanted
to cha cha and mamba.
He tried to be graceful
when he danced the waltz
but his teacher pointed
to his big feet faults.
He did lack rhythm
couldn't hear the beat
in fact he had
two left feet.
There was one dance
he liked a heap.
It was the dance
where he could leap.
So while other frogs
went out to play,
this young frog
practiced ballet.

       Oh I had fun with this one thinking about what a dancing frog would look like.  I wonder who would want to be a frog's partner, would you?  For today's challenge, put a frog some place unexpected and write about it.  Do you know a frog that would like a birthday cake?  What do you think the flavor would be?  Have fun


  1. Joy,
    Cool idea! I imagine frogs have been pictured doing volumes of things. I saw an illustration today of a frog sliding down a slippery slope on a lilly pad. What a fun collection this could be.

  2. Very cute! WHo would ever have thought of marrying ballet with frogs? I think this might be my new favorite!

    1. Thank you Carol.
      I've been enjoying the information on editing and revising on your blog this week.

    2. If any one wants to skip over to Carol's blog to catch the great articles on editing it is here

  3. One of your best poems yet, Joy - a "frogalina"!
    Thanks for the grin on this Wednesday morning. =)

    1. Thank you Bridget.
      I'll have to get out my colored pencils and see if I can draw a frog in a tutu.