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Monday, November 12, 2012

Baby's Words

Mom heard the baby
and said "Kitchy-coo."
Baby kicked her feet
said, "Goo-goo-goo."

Daddy tickled Baby on her chin
then coughed a little, clearing phlegm.
Baby kicked the air and stared at him
then she said, "Ah-hem, Ah-hem."

Grandma cleaned out Baby's ear
Looked at her, and said, "Oh dear."
Then she patted Baby's rear.
Baby said, "Cheer-cheer, cheer-cheer."

Grandpa said, "A smell is coming through
I wonder what we should do?"
Baby held up her fingers, two
then she said, "Phoo-phoo, phoo-phoo."

"Wonder if we should call the doctor quick
to find out if Baby is sick?"
The doctor came in very little time.
said, "This baby really is quite fine
she just has a grand talent 
for making words rhyme."

      I tell you what, get out your jump rope and try saying this to the beat of your jumping.  I think it will sound better this way because the meter is really fluey.  I wrote this because the word for the month over at David L. Harrison's blog is "talent" and I wanted to write a poem using the word.  What talents do you have?
Do you want to try writing a poem about your talent?  (To see more TALENT poems, click on the WOM Adult Poems on the top of his tool bar. )

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