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Sunday, November 11, 2012


I've been trying to think of a poem I could write (for about a year and a half) using oronyms.  I just couldn't come up with anything.  Oronyms are sound units that are redistributed to make different words or phrases.  Like using a notion for an ocean.  Or ill eagle for illegal.   I think this must be a lot like using puns in poetry.  Knock, Knock jokes would be a good example.

This poem does it.
And thus (very rough draft)

The Olympic committee
wrote to say
they wanted new events
for Olympians to play.

My brother and I

thought of pogo stick jumping,
cannon ball flying ,
and bumper car bumping.

Finally we thought

 we'd suggest they try
an event where
Olympians could toss pie.

We tried this out

to our delight
and had a really
good pie fight.

We tried to clean up

and got about half.
Then Mom came along
said, "Go take a bath."

We wrote the committee

expressing our cheers.
They telephoned back,
but we couldn't hear
because we are Pie Throwing

     I know, that last stanza needs work to get to pioneers.  Any suggestions?  I'm going to get this right.
what words can you think of that are oronyms?   (Don't cha just love that word?)  Try writing your own poem and I'd love to see it.  Greg Pincus had a poem posted for Poetry Friday, titled  Etto's Voice, that I would call an oronyms.


  1. Thanks for teaching me a new word!

    1. You're welcome, you know poets love learning new words.

  2. Joy,
    What a challenge although you made it fun. I have images of pie eating contests, dunking booths, and lots of grins. Maybe the Olympians in this event could wear t-shirts with the name Pie-in-ears. No other ideas...

    1. Linda,
      I can see those t-shirts. Do you know of any community that still have Pioneer Days? I remember growing up my town did and the men couldn't shave or they would be given a $5 ticket.

  3. Hey, I never heard of oronyms! Great poem, especially the last two lines!

  4. Hehehe. Never knew the name of oronyms. Fun!

    1. Hey Laura,
      I just love when I can share new words with folks.

  5. I've never heard of them either and I love this poem. Keep as is!

    1. Thanks Carol,
      Nope, this poem isn't polished yet. It will get there.
      I hope you have fun writing your own words with oronyms.