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Friday, November 2, 2012

The Avacado

An avocado grew at the top of the tree,
wondering what his life would be.

Each day he watched the sun pass by
as he grew up toward the sky.

His skin grew thick and shiny black
he started to droop and fell back.

He saw birds perch and start to swarm,
he didn't want holes in his perfect form.

His limb began to stretch down, down
and the avocado bent toward the ground.

Finally the avocado shouted out  Wheee!
As he jumped off from that tree.

Can you hear him singing, Ole, Ole,
as he gets smashed for guacamole?

      Oh dear, I'm being silly again.  I couldn't think what to write about, but I have some potato stickers Debbie Ohi sent me from the book she illustrated--I'M BORED.   Debbie gives personality to a potato, and the stickers say "Power to the Potato."  I think you're lucky I didn't spring a potato poem on you today.  But a grocery ad from the newspaper was sitting right here with jumbo Hass avocados on sale for 99 cents.  (It was a toss up between the avocado and the grapefruit--same price.)  I thought I'd have more fun trying to rhyme that "o" on the end of avocado.  But then look what I did.  I put avocado in the middle of lines so I didn't have to rhyme.  But I did like rhyming "Ole" with guacamole.
OK, here is your challenge for today, can you write a poem about a fruit or vegetable?  Have fun.  I'd love to see your creations in the comments below.

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  1. Hey, some guacamole sounds wonderful about now! Good job with that rhyme!

  2. Thanks Ruth,
    If you hop over to Charles Ghinga's Father Goose web site, you'll see the chilies to go with it. :)
    It is at http://snickersandchuckles.blogspot.com/2012/10/accident-prone-most-accidents-occur-at.html#comment-form
    There is a really clever poem there too.
    Sorry you'll have to cut and paste.

  3. Joy,

    I ate at a Mexican restaurant last night. That made this extra fun for me. The avocado reminded me of a kid jumping off a swing when he cried "Whee." I loved the shouts from the avocado as it became guacamole. I loved your sense of humor!

    1. Thanks Linda.
      Yes, I love to use the word Wheeee in poems because it reminds me of jumping off swings too. Life is a fun wild ride.
      I can't believe I wrote a poem about an avocado!

  4. I'm always up for a foodie poem and I love avocados!

    1. Now Jama, you've got me thinking about what would be the perfect bowl to serve guacamole in. You always have such beautiful, fun crockery in your posts. thanks for stopping by.

  5. I can tell you had lots of fun with this, Joy! Avocados bring up boring childhood memories for me, as we had a tree in our yard and my sisters and I would go around selling the avocados door to door to our neighbors. Ugh. I like your poem better than I like avocados:>)

    1. Laura,
      Thanks for letting me know the fun came through. I'm still chuckling at the rhyme and the fact that I wrote a poem about an avocado. I owe it all to Debbie Ohi.

  6. Love the way this poem 'arrived' Joy. Clever words. I've been trying one with carrots, maybe soon I'll get it ready for other eyes! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. A rare poem, is that to an avocado...they should be proud this day! Now to think of a food...brownie, sandwich, tripe...oooh, tripe. That's one for the "rare poem" collection! Thanks for sharing some avocado today!