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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

Today is Election Day
the advertisements
all say.

You can vote red.
You can vote blue.
Voting is something
we all should do.

This is our freedom.
Don't throw it away.
Please go vote,
this Election Day.

      Being able to pick who governs our country is a very special privilege.  Not everyone in the world has this opportunity.  What are some of the symbols of our country and our freedom?  Our flag, the Liberty Bell, Lady Liberty, even the colors red, white and blue all stand for the USA.  Can you write a poem today about voting, freedom or one of the symbols for the United States?  Have fun.  Use your imagination. What would happen if a dog wanted to run for President?  What would she campaign on?
   If you'd like to read more about our freedoms and elections,  Janet Wong has written a poetry book, DECLARATION OF INTERDEPENDENCE Poems for an Election Year.  
   Last March, Janet Wong allowed me to share a couple of the poems from her book with you.  You can find those poems HERE.


  1. Great message!
    Here's my offering...

    Voting my conscience
    all by myself
    standing in the booth

    I have to make a choice
    that brings peace
    to my soul
    that I have honored those
    who stood on the battlefields
    Who braved the police lines
    Who were abused, beaten and killed...

    so I can stand in the booth
    all by myself
    and vote my conscience

    1. Donna,
      Thank you for leaving this poem. Excellent work and thank you for voting too.

  2. How inspiring you both are. I'm headed to work at my new job. It's a Back to Work grant funded class. It helps adults with job resumes, interviewing techniques, etc. Isn't it great that we have such as this available in our country?

    1. Yahoo! Glad you have a new job. We should celebrate. This is valuable work you are doing.