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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I told my parents
I wanted to learn
to play the double bass.

That big sexy instrument
with thumpy strings,
almost six feet tall
from scroll to end pin.

I love watching
bassists play jazz
plucking strings
and slapping their baby.

I found out the bassist
calls his string bass
a doghouse bass or
bull fiddle.

I figured if I played
such a big instrument
when I was 16
I'd need a car
to carry my bass.

I love the low tones
the loud rumble
the deep throaty voice
of the double bass.

My parents said
I'd have to wait
at three feet even
I'm too small
I can't reach the tuning pegs.

      Today I had fun reading SWEETHEARTS OF RHYTHM: THE STORY OF THE GREATEST ALL-GIRL SWING BAND IN THE WORLD, which is a picturebook collection of poems by Marilyn Nelson, illustrations by Jerry Pinkney.  The poems are from the voice of each instrument in the swing band.  The book is beautifully illustrated with water color collages.  If you're not familiar with the book published by DIAL in 2009 you will enjoy looking at the formatting of this poetry collection.



  1. SWEETHEARTS OF RHYTHM is a terrific book. I wish I'd written it, but it was written by the divine Marilyn Nelson.

    Marilyn Singer

  2. Oh, my goodness. Thank you sooo much for catching my error. I'll fix it right away. Oh is my face red.