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Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Columbus Day

Christopher Columbus
had a young son, Diego.
His mother died
and the young boy
was educated by priests.

It took many years
for Columbus
to gain backing
to start his journey.
During that time,
he supported himself
and his son
by drawing maps.

Finally, when the three ships,
The Pinta, the Santa Maria
and the Nina set sail
the boy embarked
on a great adventure
with his father
and his Uncle Bartolomew.

A storm blew up
and the Nina young Diego
was on, went down at sea,
but he and his crew were rescued
and taken on board his father's ship.

Imagine how exciting
it must have been
to finally see land
after the terrible storm.

Can you write your own poem about discovery today?


  1. A great adventure story for today!

  2. Thanks for highlighting Rodrigo. This poem certainly helps young readers identify with Columbus's story.