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Thursday, October 18, 2012


I saw a phainopepla today.
He sang a song then flew away.
I'm glad this bird sang to me.
He sings his song so cheerily.

     Now that the weather is cooling a little, some of the migratory birds are returning and I had to write another poem about the phainopepla, or I'd forget the bird's name.  If you'd like to hear what this bird sounds like click here.  This bird really looks like a black cardinal to me, which makes me think about wearing black and being a pirate.  can you write a poem today about a bird.  My friend children's story teller Willa Brigham says that birds sing because they can fly.  Since she went skydiving, she thinks we all would sing if we could fly like the birds. 


  1. Joy,
    What a nice way to honor the bird's return.

  2. These are really crafty birds, they lay eggs twice a year, once in each location, north and south. Wow! Can you imagine giving birth to kids twice a year? I think I'm glad I'm not a bird.