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Monday, April 11, 2016


My clock ticks in the window.
Chilling rains make me move slow.
At the end of this wet day,
I'm three hours behind.

     I wanted to try another new form today.  I chose a dodoitsu.  A Japanese form developed toward the end of the Edo period, the dodoitsu is all about syllables and not about rhyming or meter.  The dodoitsu usually focuses on work or love and is supposed to have a funny twist at the end.  This one is about work and I hope you can see the slight humor at the end.
     The dodoitsu is a four line poem with 7 syllables in each of the first three lines and five syllables in the last line.  So all together there are 26 syllables in a dodoitsu.
Can you try writing a dodoitsu today?  Have fun counting syllables and thinking about funny things about love or work.

Silver bands upon her teeth.
She fell for my inner wealth.
To each other we were drawn,
as our braces caught.

I like trying new foods.  How else can I find out if I like it or not, unless I try it?


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