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Monday, September 19, 2011

Christmas Cookies

The cookies
I love the best
are one
my family makes,
the fattigmann
and krumkaka
at Christmas time
we bake.

     Does your family make Christmas cookies?  In my house we make Norwegian cookies, because my husband's mother and his grandmother did.  It is a family tradition we carry on.  Making the cookies takes lots of eggs and butter, and a lot of time.  But it is all worth it to have cookies to share with visitors during the holiday season.  I have a big red and white Farmer John lard tin that I store the cookies in.  The krumkaka is like a pancake that takes a special pan for making pretty designs on the horn shaped cookies.  The fattigmann also has a special cookie cutter to make diamonds with ruffly edges.  If you have special cookies for your holidays, perhaps you'd like to write a poem about it.  Enjoy.

© 2011, Joy Acey

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  1. Hi Joy,

    I hope you'll take pictures of your holiday cookies this year and share them with your readers. What a wonderful tradition.