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Monday, September 5, 2011

Family Poem


Mama took me home to the Appalachians,
where her parents had a place near Valle Crucis,
off the road at Mast's General Store
up around the mountain.

I slept on a cot next to Mama.
In the middle of the night, I remember
waking to wander into the woods
walked until I found them at work.

Grandpappy sat in his ladderback rocker,
telling George when to add more wood to the fire.
I curled up in his lap and listened
to the quiet whoosh of owl wings

the piercing screech of a squirrel caught for dinner,
and the owl call -- Who cooks for you?
as he searched for a mate to share his meal.
I held my breath, waiting for her answer….

Grandpappy rocked in rhythm and told
stories about all my relations,
as the crystal liquid hissed and sizzled
dripping from the copper worm--

A cider moon grew large overhead,
shaking shadows from the trees.

In the morning, I'd wake on my little cot,
covered by a family quilt.
I'd look for proof of the night's reality
and find only warmth from kinfolk
guiding every step of my dirty feet.

I once had the pleasure of meeting the world famous storyteller Ray Hicks who lived in the mountains of North Carolina in a cabin without electricity.  He talked to me about the importance of saving family stories.  His life was certainly different from mine and so this poem is a combination of my memories and his life.  Can you write a poem about an incident in your family? 

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