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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I have a special cookie.
It has its own surprise.

It is a fortune cookie,
The fortune rests inside.

     Have you ever made fortune cookies?  If you like writing haiku, it is fun to write them on small pieces of paper to slip inside the cookies.  Today's challenge is to write a fortune to put inside a cookie.
Your mother's smile shines
upon you all the day long--
sunshine happiness


  1. Dear Joy,
    I love fortune cookies. My husband, Carl, ate his fortune and the cookie the first time he had a fortune cookie. Isn't that funny? He didn't know there was a paper inside.

    I subscribed by email at the bottom yesterday. It worked. Hurray! Hurray!

    Do something fun just because it makes you laugh.

    Joan Y. Edwards

  2. Thanks Joan,
    How old was Carl when he did this? This makes me think of the wife who showed her husband how to eat the leaves on the outside of the artichoke and never showed him how to clean the choke and eat the heart. She'd take the dishes to the kitchen and eat the whole heart by herself.
    He never understood what the big deal was about artichokes--he thought they were a lot of work for just a little meat on the edge of each leaf.
    How do you think the first fortune cookie was made? Who do you think discovered whipped cream,
    and how ever did someone discover the wonderful flavors of artichokes and pineapples?

  3. Joy,

    You are full of questions and wisdom. No wonder you write great poetry and fortunes for cookies.

    I am searching for this fortune: Break a leg. Why? I have a job interview today. Wish me luck!

    Linda A.