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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Power Outage!

Last night we had
a huge storm
and now I am all forlorn.
the power is out
oh what can I do
to get this poem
posted for you?

After a long
powerless night
I awoke this morning
and still didn't have light.

So I'm off for cofee
and to think of my plight.

Here there is power,
in the brew of Starbucks.
They're the ones
who've improved my luck.
So I send this poem
using Starbuck electricity
and ask for forgiveness
for poem lameness and duplicity.

     The one thing I promised myself when I started this blog with the intent of posting a poem a day, was that I would give myself permission to write some bad poems along the way.  So today you're getting one of those not so great poems because I haven't had time to think poetry, I've been thinking basic survival.  Like, how long will my refrigerator last without power?  What is in there, anyway?  It seems like every time I turn around I'm starting to do something that requires power and I end up thinking I'm really stupid not to remember.  And since I live on a road with only 4 houses, I know we're going to be one of the last places to get power back. Last night as I was lying in bed reading by candle light I wondered if this was some terrorist plot, and how would I know.  How did you find out the Twin Towers had been bombed?
Hopefully by tomorrow everything will be back to normal.  Have a great Sunday. 
I will try to have time to think of a better poem for you for tomorrow.

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  1. You are a VERY dedicated poet to find a Starbucks in order to send your poem today.

    I am interested in where you live--only 4 houses on your road. Now, I am trying to imagine why you are so isolated. Personally, I love it. Can you paint us a picture in a poem? Maybe other readers will consider writing about their home's setting.