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Friday, December 28, 2012

haiku Fortune Cookie

a sugar wafer
crispy, golden thin, tasty
good fortune awaits

     Your challenge for today is to write your own paper fortune.  If you made fortune cookies, what would be the fortune you'd want to read inside?  Can you write fortunes for your family and your friends?

    Maybe this will help.

   Or this

  1. How To Make Fortune Cookies - YouTube

  2. More videos for recipe for fortune cookie »
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  1. The fortune I would open: A book deal is within sight.

  2. I would want: Remember to be patient.

  3. It would be fun to make these for students to use as prompts perhaps, especially in the new year, Joy. I didn't know they could be made, actually. I would look for a fortune that said "you will receive some quiet hours in the new year!"

    1. Linda,
      I have actually done this as a writing exercise with student writers. I give each student a fortune cookie and ask them to write about the cookie and the fortune, or to use the cookie as part of a short story. The results have always been excellent.

  4. One for my family and friends: Somebody is thinking about you and smiling!

    1. Tabatha,
      Here is one for you:

      You'll soon being doing your Happy Dance.

      Believe in yourself.

  5. Fortune cookie haiku fun:
    Fortune, o fortune
    Tell me a secret I love
    Wrapped up in sweetness