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Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Star

Mama Bear
asked her
sweet little cub,
"What would you like
for Christmas, Dear?"

Little Bear thought
in deep silence
and finally said,
"Mama, I want 
a star."

Mama Bear
looked both
near and far,
but she couldn't find
Little Bear's star.

So she made
sugar cookies
shaped like a star
and sprinkled
sugar glitter.

Then she said
to Little Bear,
"There you are."

"These cookies
are very sweet,
but they're something 
to eat.  They aren't 
the star I was after. "

Mama Bear
picked up her knitting
and had inspiration.
She stitched in stars
on her creation.

"These stars
are cuddly warm,
but a sweater is 
something to wear.
It isn't a star 
that floats 
in the air."

"Your star wish will be 
the death of me, "
said Mama Bear
most fretfully.

Which is why,
if you look 
in the sky
this very night
you'll see
Mama Bear and
her little cub
drifting on air 
high above,
shining as stars
radiating love.
Ursa Major
and Ursa Minor
ladling Christmas cheer.

     This poem (oh, I hesitate to call it that) needs lots of work.  Let's just call this one a draft.  I've got the basic outline of what I want to do with it. But that's the way it rolls on some days.  It is a good idea.
    Part of this came from the fact that last night was a new moon and it was supposed to be the best night for viewing the geminaids astrological shower, except we had rain and a total cloud cover so if the stars were out there doing their thing, I certainly couldn't see it.  So, to cheer me up, your challenge for today is to write a poem about stars.  If you don't like that challenge, write something, anything.  Have a great weekend.

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  1. That bear in the picture definitely likes me. Sweet idea for a poem -- thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for hosting today, Jama. Yup! That definitely is a Jama bear.

    Thanks for letting me join your party.

  3. It IS a good idea, Joyce! I like the concept of creating a backstory for the two constellations...be sure to share the final version!

    1. Thanks Matt. I'm working on polishing this, but it might just end up as something other than a poem.

  4. Great concept for a collection, really - the stories behind the stars. Look forward to the final draft! :)

  5. I agree with the other comments, Joy! Very sweet.

  6. Hi Joy,
    I love Renee's suggestion. I hope you will consider it. If not as poetry, how about as pourquoi tales? Magazines love them.