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Monday, December 31, 2012


These are the days of miracle and wonder.  
  Paul Simon

New Year's Eve day
I'm sitting on the beach
watching the sun rise.

The chickens sing
their morning song.
Life is good.

I see a dragonfly
zip along.
Someone is plunking
a ukulele song.

Life doesn't get
any better than this.

A stunning rainbow
bright color and  energy
appears over the 
crisp salty waves. 

And I think
I am living
my best life.

What more
could I want
on this heavenly isle?

Then all in a flash
I see a whale breach
and I smile.


      My thanks to the talented Sandy McMaster for this poem. She is the inspiration.  Sandy plays ukuele to accompany her husband Doug McMaster, slack key wizard,  who recently was declared one of Hawaii's island treasures.
     I hope your first day of 2013 is filled with miracles and wonder.


    Your writing challenge for today is to write a short poem about the first thing you notice in 2013.


  1. Joy,
    Joy often exceeds expectations and yet we tend to forget. How is that possible? Recording the experiences in poems keeps the moment alive. Thank you for that!

  2. Joy:
    Nice poem. Returning your comment about Kauai Children's author's guild. If you would like more info please go to kauaichildrensauthors.blogspot.com and contact us. Mahalo!

    1. Thank you for dropping by Monica. The credit for the poem really needs to go to Sandy McMaster. She is a good story teller and fantastic ukulele player. If you've never attended one of their concerts, you are missing a treat. She and Doug have a new album coming out this week that includes keying from some of Hawaii's slack key masters.
      Come visit any time. I have a poem on New Year's Day that was given to me from another Kauai friend Welena, and I hope to get more Kauai inspired poems up this week.

  3. Replies
    1. Did you see the progression of GOOD, BETTER, BEST in this poem? Always a teacher, this poem works for superlatives. Thanks for stopping by.
      We didn't get to TALKING DRUM, the western most bookstore in the US, on this trip. But I did think of you and your blog when we got close to Hanapepee.

  4. You outdid yourself again... I must remember to print this one. ILY.. Hurry home... cloey

  5. Told u I really liked this one... Keep coming/going back to read this. I love you and am glad u r home. cloey

    1. You are the world's greatest sister.

  6. BEAUTIFUL! I love this poem, Joy!
    Thank you for this lovely reminder that miracles happen daily just waiting to be noticed and fill us with wonder if we are open to them and believe.

    May miracles, wonder, and joy be yours each and every day of the new year.

    1. Hey Cory,
      I loved your cento poem on Daivid Harrison's blog at www.davidlharrison.wordpress.com

      I wish you miracles, wonder and lots and lots of JOY in the new year.

    2. Thank you, Joy, for many things but also for teaching me something new today. CENTO poem--- I did not know that there was a term for that kind of writing. And I thought I was doing something new...

      Wishing you all the best of everything this year!