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Friday, October 3, 2014


copyright 2014, Joy Acey

There's moon glow inside me.
I'm dancing on air.
Where are my friends?
Will you join me there?

  In My Daily Post today, Ben Huberman included a quote from Allen Ginsberg, "Follow your inner moonlight, don't hide the madness."
  I loved the idea of having moonlight inside my body and so I wrote this poem.  But then I got to thinking about other things that make me happy, that symbolize happiness to me.

There's cotton candy inside me.
I'm feeling so sweet.
I smile,
     say HELLO,
to each friend I meet.

There's bubbles inside me.
I'm feeling so light.
My feet, they are dancing.
I feel their delight.

There's a circus inside me.
I feel like the show.
There are lions and tigers
to dance where I go.

OK.  So now it is your turn.  What are some things that make you happy?  Chocolate, swimming, sunshine, parties?  How would it make you feel?

So try the format and see what you come up with:

There's a _____________________________ inside me.

I feel like____________________________________.



Have fun thinking and writing today.  And please share your creation in the comments below.

The Poetry Friday Roundup is over at Jama Rattigan's blog.  Thanks for hosting us Jama.  You'll find lots of great poetry links on Jama's Alphabet Soup.
Have a great weekend with poetry.


  1. You and Linda are spreading lots of happiness today! Love the dancing on air/on a cloud drawing, and have always loved that Ginsberg quote.

    1. Happy, happy, Joy, Joy.
      Hope you have a great day. Thanks for being the hostess, your foodie-ness always gets to me.

  2. How delightful, Joy, that we both wrote about happiness today. Maybe I was thinking of you when I wrote it at the Barn?
    There's an apple inside me,
    I'm feeling like fall
    I'm crispy & cooler,
    and having a ball!

    1. Perfect, Linda.
      What fun. Thanks for playing along.
      Thanks for spreading happiness.
      I'm missing you.

  3. So creative. And a prompt I will want to borrow, Joy. (what a name you have by the way, in the Happy Dept.)

    "There's popcorn inside me.
    It tastes good going down.
    I think I will curl in this chair
    and write about a clown."
    - c. 2014 jan godown annino

  4. Thanks Jan.
    I enjoyed your poem. Thanks for playing.
    If you liked this prompt, check out Sept. 30, 2014. That was a fun one too. Oh, I like the idea of pop corn making you happy.

  5. What wonderful poems, Joy! I think these would make a wonderful picture book! Here is my attempt:

    There's wonder inside me,
    I feel like a child.
    I'm wishful and winsome,
    Wiggly and wild!

    1. This is delightful, so much fun. I like your poem a lot. Thanks for sharing and for playing.

  6. Happiness does feel like bubbles welling up inside...love these happy poems this Friday!

  7. Did you and Linda plan what you were going to wear on Poetry Friday? Love the moon glow and bubbles of happy!