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Monday, November 14, 2011

Counting Squirrels

One, Two, Three
squirrels in a tree.

Four, Five, Six
toss down sticks.

Seven, Eight, Nine
Pick up a stick, see it's pine.

Ten squirrels in a pine tree
tossing sticks down at me.

Oh dear, what should I do?
I pick up at stick and toss it too.

Squirrels scatter, off they go.
some are fast, some are slow.

No more squirrels in the pine tree
tossing sticks down at me.

     I tried this poem with several different animals.  I tried monkeys, parrots, toucans,  before I finally settled on squirrels.  I picked squirrels because I liked the sibilant sound of the word.  Can you see how there is that hissing "s" sound in every line?  When that sound is repeated, it is called consonance--the repetition of a consonant sound.  When it comes at the beginning of the word it is called alliteration.  This is what is done for tongue twisters.

Sixty-seven silly snakes slither slowly round the saguaros.

     So today's challenge is to write a tongue twister.  Use the first letter of your name and work toward alliteration and consonance.  This won't work if your name starts with a vowel sound.  Then you would need to use assonance--the repetition of vowel sounds.
     This is fun.  I'm going to have to try this with my friends names too.

      Joking Joy just jammed jingling jewels in her junky jalopy. 

     Please, share your tongue twister with me.

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