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Monday, November 7, 2011


Doctor, Doctor
Please come quick.
My toes won't wiggle
I think I'm sick.

Doctor comes
Looks at my toes.
Says, “Lop them off.”
And away he goes.

Doctor, Doctor
Please come, I beg.
I think I may
Have broken my leg.

Doctor comes
Looks at my leg,
Says, “Lop it off,
We'll give you a peg.”

Doctor, Doctor
Don't mean to whine,
But I think I may
Have broken my spine.

Doctor comes.
Looks at my spine.
Says, “Lop it off,
Then all will be fine.”

Doctor, Doctor.
I'm sick in bed.
I think I may
Have broken my head.

Doctor comes,
Looks at my head.
Says, “Lop it off.”
And now I'm dead. 

      I did have a lot of fun writing this poem.  I started out wanting to write a poem about having a broken arm, or some bone.   The idea came from children's poet Sharon Landeen who is going to have knee replacement surgery soon.  It made me think about my own son when he broke his arm, and the cast the doctor put on it.  But as I was playing with ideas, this silly poem came up and I just had to write it.  Maybe I'll get back to the other poem for Sharon Landeen, or maybe you can write that one.  Have fun writing what ever you do.  Do you have other verses you'd like to suggest for this poem?

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