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Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veteran's Day

Thanks to all the Vets
who fought to save our land
Thanks to all those Vets
no matter where they stand.

My Grandpa was a veteran
he fought against Japan.
My Dad is a Veteran too,
He's off in a foreign land.

All Veterans are special
and very dear to me.
I'm glad that they will fight
while you and I live free.

       Happy 11-11-11.  No matter if you live in England, Canada or the US--I've written the date correctly today.  And it is a great day.  I get to watch the first basketball game played on an aircraft carrier tonight and my sister is here visiting, so I'm having a grand busy time.
     Do you have someone you share your poems with?  Yesterday my Poetry Pals critique group met and even though we are a new group (this was only our second meeting) I respect, admire, and care for the other members already.  The suggestions for improving my poetry were excellent and right on the money.  Mostly the comments had to do with keeping tense consistent and beefing up my verbs.  I'm always harping on the importance of good verbs, so it was good to have it reinforced.  It did make me remember that poems can always be improved.  So, your task for today is to take one of your old poems and look at the verbs.  It there a stronger verb you can use, or one with more variety?  Visit with an old poem and see if you can sparkle it up a little.  Have fun. 
     I hope you see your shadow today.


  1. Thanks for remembering the Vets on Veteran's Day.

    Linda A.

  2. We do owe a lot to all our Veterans.
    Thanks for all your support Linda.