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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dia del Muerte, Day of the Dead, All Souls Procession

Sunday night
the end of dia del muerte
All Saints Day
we had a fiesta
a parade in the street
music and dancing
and lots of good food.
Friends and neighbors
carried colorful placards
with pictures and messages
to departed loved ones.
Faces painted in white and black
looking like skulls
so the spirits would feel welcome.
We had churros, tacos,
Mexican wedding cake cookies,
burritos, chips and salsa
and the little packaged presents--tamales.
It was a fun night to remember
departed loved ones and to invite them to join us.
It was a fun night to keep their memories alive.
Later, it rained while I slept.
It was gray on my walk
the next morning.
I saw the sun rising over the desert,
saw sun rays sweep over saguaros.
I wanted to stay and watch the sun all day,
but there were too many chores to be done.
So I turned to walk home again
and there in the west
a spectacular
radiant rainbow
as if the spirits
had returned
to say,
Thank you for the party.

I meant to post this poem on Tuesday after the great walk on Monday when I had been given this gift of the rainbow, but yesterday I needed to say my own thank you  to the poets at Esperanza Elementary School.  So, today  can you write your own free verse holiday poem.  What is your favorite holiday?  Write a poem about it and share it with us.  Enjoy the experience.  Thank you for dropping by.


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