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Monday, April 7, 2014

My Dog

My dog is outside.
He's barking again.
He needs me to know
he wants to come in.

So I stand up
and open the door
I don't want to hear
his barking any more.

But the moment he's in
my dog starts to pout.
Now he needs me to know
he wants to go out.

     I have an ageing Welsh Springer Spaniel and every evening when I sit to watch television, he immediately wants me to get up and put him outside.  Then after about a minute, he's barking to come in.  But then as soon as he comes in, and he doesn't even wait for the next commercial break before he wants to go out again.  He's such a silly dog.  Do you have a dog or cat?  Does the pet do anything funny or strange?  I had a dog once who had to push his kibble out of the bowl before he would eat it.  Can you write a poem about your pet?


  1. Joy,
    I can relate to your dog. Sometimes I'm not sure what I want!

  2. Ha! Our little Maltese Mason always takes his kibble out of the dish a few pieces at a time and puts them on the rug before he eats it. I think he doesn't trust us. I like your poem. It's very cute and something a lot of people will relate to.

    1. Rosi,
      My Welsh Springer Spaniels were once in a television commercial for Purina Fit and Trim dog food and this habit of pushing the food out of the dish, created a couple of extra takes. I think they finally edited the dog taking food from the dish out.