This is my playground for poetry written for children with ideas and inspiration for writing your own poems. Come on in. Sit for a spell, have a cup of words to swirl around and make your own cup of poetry. I'm so glad you are here. I hope you'll find the Kingdom of Poetry a fun place to be.

Saturday, August 20, 2011



Take a walk along the cool creek,
hear the water
race over rocks
rushing, burbling.

See boulders smoothed by the ages,
ripples in the
flowing water,
eroding stones.

Dead trees fallen spanning the creek
so we may walk
over water
across the banks.

This form poem is called a minute poem.  Do you see how it has 60 syllables?  There are 20 syllables in each stanza.  One line has 8 syllables, followed by three lines with 4 syllables.
Can you try writing your own minute poem? 


  1. Joy,

    Most refreshing on a hot summer day. Thanks!

  2. Thank you.
    Yes, these are pictures of my creek from North Carolina. I really miss that creek.