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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hawaiian Legend for Sand

In Hawaii, native people took bodies to the top of the mountain and cremated them then pushed the flaming ash off into the ocean.  So the legend goes.


Remember in your coma
when you had strange dreams?
You went to unknown, unimagined places;
thought your body was carried
on the shoulders of warriors
to the top of Mt. Haena-
the highest spot in Kauai.

They built a pyre to burn your body,
then tossed the burning bones cliffward.
Caught in a flaming fireball,
an updraft sent your embers floating,
dancing over the ocean for so long,
so far, even the fishermen
out in their wooden boats
saw you sparkle like fireflies.

They called you Goddess as
you drifted down to the waves.
Love, I reached my hand out
to try to catch you
before your ember
turned to stone,
turned to sand.

Does this poem qualify for another story poem?  There is a stone in this one too, so I'm keeping with the rock theme.  What do you think?  Can you make up your own story poem to explain something?  Where did whipped cream first come from?  How were artichokes discovered?   Be as wild and fanciful as you like.  Use your imagination.  Where did dragons come from?  If you were a dragon what would you have to tell us?

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  1. I love legends, don't you? I say, yes this counts as a rock poem. You have quite a collection. How about other legends you'd done?

    Linda A.