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Sunday, August 28, 2011


OK, we're trying this again.  The text reads:

I fly
on a zip line
through the trees.


          This is a concrete poem in that the final letter is supposed to make a zip-line through the poem.  I recently read an article about one of Elizabeth Bishop's concrete poems and the author made the point that in the days before computers the poet had to position each letter on the typewriter platen.  I'm not so sure it would be harder because I often end up at odds with the computer program that wants to take out spaces, wrap, or put the lines hard left.  Hence, I drew what I wanted and then took a picture.  
          This poem is also an acrostic.  The last letter of each of the first three lines forms a word--the title of this poem.  For such a short little poem, I'm not sure if it isn't more trouble than it is worth, but I'll keep trying to get it right.  Have a great Sunday.


  1. Joy,

    What fun! A photograph is fine by me. By the way, is the last line yipeeee or whoopeeee? Does it matter? I don't think so!

  2. Oh, Linda,
    Thank you so much. Yup, I made a mistake in translation. I definitely like Yipeeee! as it goes with the yes and the alliteration better.