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Friday, April 10, 2015


Jane Yolen had a poem she shared last week in a Welsh meter.  She called it an AWDL (an ode.)  This sent me back to my books on forms of poetry.  Nothing seemed to fit until I came across a CLOGYRNACH in the SHAPES OF OUR SINGING written by Robin Skelton (p. 288.)  I had to try one.

The rabbit hopping by the creek
His coat is light gray, smooth and sleek.
Hungry for more meals
at clover he kneels
and conceals what he sneaks.

   Yesterday was a five bunny day.  Most of them are really tiny and I think the hawks will be eating well.
If you were a rabbit, what would you do to protect yourself?  Have fun writing your own poem about a rabbit today.
  Laura Purdie Salas hosts The Poetry Friday Roundup this week. You can find more children's poetry on her blog at http://www.laurasalas.com/blog/books/connect-pfhost/


  1. Love bunnies -- wish we had some around here (we have too many foxes). That's quite a unique form. Nice job!

  2. Well, THERE'S a form I've never heard of!

  3. Bunnies! I love desert bunnies - hawks leave them alone! Great poem, Joy.

  4. Awww--no hawks. Little bunnies are just so cute! Thanks for introducing me to a new (to me) form!

  5. I like your bunny poem, Joy... between you talking about Skelton book and J. Patrick Lewis talking about it, clearly I will have to get myself a copy! Thanks again for your clerihews, too. I hope you saw the one about me got some nice comments on my blog post last Friday!

    1. The book is a good one except there isn't an index in the back to make finding things easier. I've been enjoying your Clerihews. It is a fun series.

  6. I've noticed the bunnies are back in our area too, but the hawks never left!