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Monday, December 19, 2011

Camel Races

Now imagine
the wonder
of these three guys--
like old golf buddies,
out riding their camels
in the desert.

They see a bright star.
"What do you think that is?"
asks one king.
"Probably the opening
for a new camel dealership,"
says the second king.

"Come on," says the third.
"Let's go see," says the second.
"Last one there," they all say together,
"Is a rotten egg."

     Today's poem reminds me that I haven't written a Christmas poem about egg nog yet.  Perhaps you'd like to help me do that.  I actually had French toast that my husband made with egg nog just the other day.  Oh was it yummy.  I'm so lucky  my husband loves to cook.  I hope you have lots of occasions to laugh today.  Have fun writing poetry.

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