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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Public Toilets

"Boinga, boinga, boinga,"
said Marie Spears
placing her hands
over her ears.

"That toilet flush,
makes too much noise.
I wonder if
it is as loud
in the BOYS."

     This poem is the result of seeing a little girl in the Ladies restroom.  I'm not sure what this poem means, except that girls are curious about what the boys' bathroom looks like.  And of course, the new low water flush toilets are very noisy.  Personally, I never thought I'd write a poem about public restrooms--but there you go. Anything is fair game when writing poetry.  And I do like saying "boinga, boinga, boinga."  Can you write your own poem that uses a nonsense word?  Have fun.

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  1. Joy,

    What fun. I love the challenge of using a nonsense word. Happy New Year! HONK! TWEET! Woo! Clang-clang!