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Sunday, December 11, 2011


On Christmas morning,
I rush downstairs
and there it is
beside the tree
two shiny black tires
a cherry-red frame--
my own bicycle.

The one present
I really, really wanted.
On the handle bars
like a Christmas tree ornament,
my bicycle helmet
with red flames
licking up the sides.

My bicycle,
my happiness,
my ticket 
to explore,
my freedom.

     Do you have a bicycle or is that on your Christmas wish list?  I remember my first bike.  My father got it from the Salvation Army Thrift Shop and painted it red for me.  He put wooden blocks on the pedals so I could reach them.  I was the only kid in my kindergarten class with a two wheel bicycle.  I learned early because I was always riding my older sister's bike.  But it was no where near as early as my own son who was riding a two wheeler when he was three years-old.  If you could fly on a bike, where would it take you?  What would the ride be like?  Can you write a poem about that?  Or write a poem about your own bicycle.  Have a fun time with this prompt.


  1. I like your poem with the helmet hanging like a Christmas ornament! My first bike was a Schwin, blue girl's bike. I went all over town on it! Good memories. Wish I still had it; it might be a collector's item today!

  2. You might like to check out this cycling-themed parody of the 12 Days of Christmas...everything from 12 crank arms cranking to a cartridge and some bearings...

  3. Chris,
    Thank you for the parody and the site for folding bicycles. I have a friend that I meet in Pacific Grove, CA at the end of Jan. each year and she and her husband bring their folding bicycles that fit into an old Samsonite suitcase. While our husbands attend science meetings at Asilomar, the wives get to cycle down 17 mile drive, by Pebble Beach. It is wonderful.
    So thank you for making me happy with this gift of information.
    I hope you'll come visit again and share more poems.

  4. Linda,
    I bet you were something on your blue Schwin. I remember for my birthday my mom got me the pink handlebar grips with the long plastic tassels. I was so pleased with my birthday present that I begged Mom to let me ride my bike to school.
    I locked my bike in the racks just outside my classroom and when I went to get my bike at the end of the day, someone had pulled the tassels out of the rubber grips. I was heart broken. I went to the principal to complain and he told me I shouldn't have brought them to school if I was worried about them getting broken!
    Boy, I thought that principal was stupid. I had no idea that any damage could happen to my bike in the bike rack. I was so naive.

  5. Glad you liked it - I think you've got the right idea with the bike. Sounds way better than the science meetings.

  6. Always make sure your beach cruiser is locked up with the proper lock.
    Also make sure you lock your tire to the frame of the bike, and the bike frame to the bike rack.

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