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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Honey Bee

The honey bee
sings buzz, buzz

doing what a bee
naturally does--
as he flies
from flower to tree,
collecting pollen
to make honey.

      Perhaps I'm slow this morning, but I've been thinking and can't come up with an answer.  Maybe you can help.  Can you think of any other animal that makes food for us?  There are lots of animals that are eaten, but a bee is the only one I can think of that we don't eat but it gives us food.  I'm going to have to do some more thinking and research on this. (Is this why some folks consider honey a perfect food?)
     So, today can you write your own poem with onomatopoeia in it?  That is a word that sounds like what it is.  Buzz, Buzz are the onomatopoeic words in my poem.  Have a good time writing.


  1. What was I thinking? Cows give us milk, and so do goats.
    Chickens give us eggs. All fowl give us eggs-- geese, turkeys, ostrich, swans.
    What other types of food can you think of that animals give us?

  2. Joy,
    I'm interested in the flower. What kind is it? Call me a bit unfocused tonight. :)

  3. Linda,
    This is the same kind of flower the Hairstreak butterfly sat on a couple of posts ago. It looks a lot like the straw flowers I've seen in dried bunches, but it is called a Desert Marigold.
    Thanks for your comments. Think of all the yellow flowers you know, perhaps you could write a list poem about them.