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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Three Pirates

Three bold pirates
I once knew,
a fat one,
and a skinny one--
they were two,
but the one bold pirate
with his hair tied back,
he ruled the seas
with his sword--
whack, whack.

Traveling the ocean
they would go,
taking bounty to and fro,
but the one rough pirate
with his hair tied back,
he ruled the seas
with his sword--
whack, whack.

   This poem has been running around in my head for three days driving me crazy.  So I'm hoping that sharing it here will let me move on.  Do you ever have that happen to you?  Something gets stuck in your head and won't let your brain rest.  Oh wait, didn't the Muppets have a tune, This is the song that never ends...it was like that, or Barney's I love you song.
   Do you recognize the song Three Little Ducks, in this poem?  So here is the wild and  crazy challenge for you today.  Take any noun that you can have three of--bears, bubble gum, rocking chairs--and write your own poem.  And yes, you can change the end rhyme.
   OK, so here I go again.  Let's see if this will work for books.

Three good books
that I once read,
a nonfiction,
and a mystery
kept under my bed,
but the one picture book
'bout a mouse that roared,
I read it often
and never got bored.

   Ah, got through that one.  Let's try another.

Three gray mice
that I once knew
a small one,
a fat one,
they were two,
but the one little mouse
who was very meek,
he scared elephants
with his
squeak, squeak, squeak.

    Oh yes, that is much better.  Can you see the hand gestures to go with the mice?  If you have a poem with obvious hand gestures, it makes it a lot easier for children to learn or memorize the poem. 

   Thank you.  That silly rhyme caught in my head has turned out to be fun. It got me laughing.  Now it is your turn.
   If you'd like to share your own silly poem, I'd love to read it.  
    Thank you for stopping by.

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  1. How do you do this? Your brain must be wired for creating and remembering poetry rhythms. Amazing!