This is my playground for poetry written for children with ideas and inspiration for writing your own poems. Come on in. Sit for a spell, have a cup of words to swirl around and make your own cup of poetry. I'm so glad you are here. I hope you'll find the Kingdom of Poetry a fun place to be.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Birthday

     I'm so happy.  Today is the one year birthday for Poetry for Kids Joy.
I can hardly believe I've been writing a poem a day for a whole year.  Zowee!
   To celebrate David L.Harrison is donating a copy of his most recent poetry book COWBOYS.

     Yesterday  David shared the wonderful poem "Bunkhouse."  Today we're getting a peek at  "Spittin' Mad." 


Not fair!

"You're too little," they say.
"Go play with your dolls."

Been ridin' since I could walk.
I could break a bronco
good as they can.

"You're a girl," they say.
"Stay out of the way."

I'm tougher'n any boy.
Mess with me,
I'll poke 'em in the eye!

Not fair.

Not fair!

I'm so mad
I could kick a cow chip!



      I love the idea of being so mad you could kick a cow chip.  Actually, I can see the t-shirts now.
     Gosh, I think this is a beautiful book.  I love the variety in the poems and the illustrations just blow me away. Don't you just wish you could sit in Dan Burr's studio and watch him work his magic?
     And I greatly appreciate David Harrison adding this birthday gift to our party.  If you'd like to win the autographed copy that David has donated, leave your own comment or cowboy related poem in the comments below.  You have until midnight tonight.  Then I'll put all the names into a cowboy hat (of course) and draw one name out.
    Actually, I'll draw two names and the second name drawn, I'll write a poem for you.

Here's my poem for today:


I have a pony, Pokey.
He's a sweet little paint.
Cause when I'm in a hurry--
Pokey, he ain't.

     Oh that is bad.  I think I need to go drink some sarsaparilla.  Have a good weekend and Happy Poetry Friday.


  1. Joy,
    Happy birthday to Poetry for Kids Joy! I already entered the drawing yesterday, but here's a birthday poem for you and your blog. It's another "found" poem and guess where I found it.

    I have a pony, Pokey.
    His name fits well.
    Cause when I'm in a hurry--
    Pokey pretends he can't tell.

    Linda A.

    1. Hey Linda,
      I like what you've done with this. What fun.
      Thank you for adding to the celebration. Good Luck.

  2. Cowboys looks like fun! Congratulations on this one-year anniversary!

  3. Hi, Joy. Many thanks for sharing my new book with your readers. Dan Burr and I attended Texas Library Association over the last three days to introduce COWBOYS and sign copies. We ran out of books! Happy Blog-birthday. We all appreciate what you do to encourage poetry and poets.


    1. Wahoo! Cowpoke, that is GREAT news. COWBOYS is a beautiful book. I need to urge everyone to ask their library to purchase a copy. My library already has it available.
      Thank you for supporting poetry and children.

  4. Hi Joy,

    Happy birthday to your blog! Thanks for sharing the Cowboy book and poem. Who could resist that cover? I do love the paint/ain't rhyme. Can't wait to see what happens later in the day after the sarsaparilla.

    See you in May.


    1. Hey Liz,
      Maybe we should all bring cowboy hats to Honesdale. Let's hope we need them to keep the sun out of our eyes.
      I'm hoping for good weather.
      Good luck in the drawing.

  5. Happy Blog Birthday, Joy! Thanks for sharing David's new work, which I look forward to getting my hands on. (And congrats to David!)

    Looking forward to seeing you both SOON! Happy Trails.

    1. Hey Robyn,
      I'm trying to figure a way to break the last line into 3 for a haiku. Could you consider trails a season word?
      Congrats to you for your part in the April Poetry Month Progressive Poem. It is shaping up quite nicely.
      See you soon.

  6. A year of poetry joy from our very own JOY! Wishing you many more years of sharing your poetry with the world...what a gift. Cheers...*clink*

    Here is my lame attempt at a cowboy poem...

    5-Gallon Guy

    Hey, where’s the light?
    I can not see
    with this 10-gallon hat
    on top of me.

    For a 5-gallon guy
    I've got pluck.
    I can't ride a horse,
    but I can ride a duck.

    Thanks for sharing David's book with us, too.

    1. Bridget,
      I loved this. The humor had me laughing. Oh what fun. I can see the illustration for this poem. What a wonderful verse.
      Good Luck.

  7. Happy birthday! A poem every day for a year? That's an amazing achievement!

  8. Dear Joy,
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! What an incredible feat! A Guiness World Record achievement. Thank you for your generosity of spirit, for sharing your poetry, for inspiring a new generation of poetry lovers. I wish you continued joy and success as you step into your second year. And thank you, David, for COWBOYS, the inspiration for this untitled poem:


    Saddle and I
    Straddle our mount
    Gallop through day and canter through night
    Never restin’ till we find
    JACEY’S Poetry Ranch
    Where cowboys-and-gals roundup
    For a stompin’ good time
    Spittin’ out verses and rhymes
    Singin’ BIRTHDAY BLOG cheers
    For one JOY-lific poetry year!


  9. Dearest Sister Cory,
    You are amazing. I'm so looking forward to seeing you in 3 weeks.
    Thank you for this wonderful poem.
    Hey the only reason I've been able to write a poem a day for a whole year is because my good friend Bridget Magee told me the poems didn't necessarily have to be good. I could improve upon them after they were posted. So that's what I've been doing--giving myself permission to write some bad poems, but there are some good ones in the posts too.
    Thanks for joining the party.

  10. Dear Joy,
    Congratulations on 365 poems in 365 days. I am very proud of you. I wanted this poem to be funny, and it kept getting serious. I hope you enjoy it.

    Never Give Up!
    Joan Y. Edwards

    Cowboys at Noon by Joan Y. Edwards

    Cowboys at noon.
    Will be dead soon.
    One gun in each hand.
    Not able to stand.

    So afraid, their toes are red.
    They should've stayed in bed.
    But fight they must.
    Neither remembers why they fussed.

    Sling the guns
    That weigh two tons.
    You can be right,
    Without this fight.

    When courage is lost;
    Life is its cost.
    Can any one stop this fight?
    What can entice them to do what's right?

    A smell makes their noses twitch.
    It makes their trigger fingers itch.
    What is their fate?
    Is it too late?

    There's not a sound.
    Everyone hits the ground.
    They drop their guns
    And reach for ... cinnamon buns.

    Cowboys at noon
    Will not die soon.
    One cinnamon bun in each hand.
    Singing happily with a band.

    1. Joan, what a fun poem. Thank you for writing it and sharing it with us.
      It actually reminds me of a song my boys love called COWS WITH GUNS www.cowswithguns.com/
      There are several u-tube videos of this song. Are you familiar with this song?

  11. You did good... ILY cloey

    1. Hey Cloey,
      Thanks for stopping by.

  12. Congratulations on your blog birthday and ESPECIALLY on a poem a day for a whole year! WOW!! Sorry I missed the party, but hopefully you are still celebrating!!!