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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


The friendliest sound 
in the desert to me
is a phainopepla calling
from a Paloverde tree.
Too-weet, too-weet, too-weet.

    On my walk this morning, I saw and heard the phainopepla.  It reminded me that it is about time for the birds to start their migration.
    This poem can work fairly well as a template for lots of bird sounds.  Next I want to try calling from a cactus.  Let's see:

The eeriest sound
in the desert to us
is an elf owl calling
from a Saguaro cactus.
Chewk, chewk, chewk.

 Now, let's see with a different bird:

The strangest sound
in the desert to us
is a Gila woodpecker calling
from a Saguaro cactus.
Churr-kip, churr-kip, churr-kip.

 Now, let's see with a different location, bird, and tree:

The prettiest sound
in the mountains to me
is a cardinal calling
from a pine tree.

  So, here is your challenge for today--can you use this template to write a poem about a sound you hear in your locale?  Have fun trying this in lots of different ways.
The nosiest sound
I've ever heard
is my dog barking
at a bird.
Woolf, woolf, woolf.
Do have fun writing today.

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