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Friday, March 27, 2015

Having fun

I made banana bread yesterday with left over bananas.  This morning, as I was cutting a slice for breakfast, I was thinking about today's poem.  I came up with a couplet, and then I thought about other couplets, and I ended up with a game for myself.  Would you like to play too?

Little girl, her nickname is Red,
her favorite food is banana bread.

Little boy with eyes of blue,
his favorite food is Irish stew.

Basketball player with skinny legs,
his favorite food is scrambled eggs.

Granny Horton with skin like a snake,
her favorite food is carrot cake.

Gloria Jean, eyes with a gleam,
her favorite food is chocolate ice cream.

Silly Suzie loves to tell jokes,
her favorite food is artichokes.

Alice Ann won't tell a lie,
her favorite food is apple pie.

Bobby Bolton wears blue jeans,
his favorite food is Boston Baked Beans.

Charlie Carter, his hair is sandy,
eats a lot of hard rock candy. 

    OK, so can you see I'm starting to follow the alphabet?  Now it is your turn.  Take an initial from your name and see what you come up with.  Have fun writing couplets today.  If you want to play, leave your couplet in the comments.  Thanks.

     I'm off to find "J" foods, or I might slip into sports.

Joyful Joy stepped on a pin
when she hurled a javelin.

 Jone is hosting the Poetry Friday Roundup, thanks Jone.  You can find more poetry here: http://new.inlinkz.com/luwpview.php?id=509905


  1. Mary Lee teaches grade five
    her favorite food comes from a hive!

    1. Excellent, Mary Lee. I LOVE that you changed the couplet to a riddle. Isn't it fun how each step, turns up another step to make the rhyming couplets more fun? Thank you so much for playing.

      Molly Malone, married to a mobster
      her favorite food is deep sea lobster.

  2. For Lent, Robyn relinquished cola;
    just don't ask her to give up granola!

    1. I gave up cola a couple of years ago. Now I drink seltzer water. No caffeine, no artificial colors, no artificial sugar--but best of all, no calories.

  3. Grandma Linda, food in lap
    Eats a bite, then takes a nap.